Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Math Difficulties

People with dyslexia are often gifted in math. Their three-dimensional visualization skills help them "see" math concepts more quickly and clearly than non-dyslexic people. Unfortunately, difficulties in directionality, rote memorization, reading, and sequencing can make the following math tasks so difficult that their math gifts are never discovered.

* Memorizing addition and subtraction facts
* Memorizing multiplication tables
* Remembering the sequence of steps in long division
* Reading word problems
* Copying an answer from one spot to a different spot
* Starting a math problem on the wrong side
* Showing their work
o They often "see" math in their head, so showing their work in almost impossible.
* Doing math rapidly
* They often excel at higher levels of math, such as algebra, geometry, and calculus—if they have a teacher who works around the math problems caused by their dyslexia.


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