Monday, May 18, 2009

Directionality/ Dyslexia

Most dyslexic children and adults have significant directionality confusion.

* Left-Right confusion:
o Even adults have to use whatever tricks their mother or teacher taught them to tell left from right. It never becomes rapid and automatic.
o A common saying in household with dyslexic people is, "It's on the left. The other left."
o That's why they are b-d confused. One points to the left and one points to the right.
o They will often start math problems on the wrong side, or want to carry a number the wrong way.
* Up-Down confusion:
o Some children with dyslexia are also up-down confused. They confuse b-p or d-q, n-u, and m-w.
* Confusion about directionality words:
o First-last, before-after, next-previous, over-under
o Yesterday-tomorrow (directionality in time)
* North, South, East, West confusion:
o Adults with dyslexia get lost a lot when driving around, even in cities where they've lived for many years
* Often have difficulty reading or understanding maps.


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