Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am not that stupid

I got to tell you, sometimes I wonder if they think I am really stupid. The school district really wants big munchkin to go to the 'special class' in the regular school..

My partner and I went and sat in the classroom for about an hour to observe. It really was a great classroom, the teacher was so nice and you can tell she really loved the kids she was working with.

the issue I have is that the kids were clearly lower functioning than big munchkin. We really didn't think it was a good match. I asked her if any of these kids ever act out. She said 'no, not really'.

I then said, "you have seen my munchkin haven't you?"

this is going to sound awful, but I know my son, and he will traumatise those kids. The issue he is having is that he is interpreting things all wrong currently and if a child with 'special needs' doesn't understand how to 'talk' to him, or look at him in a specific way, he will go off.

basically, its not a good placement because in all honesty, its just not fair to the other kids. I know I sound awful, but I have to think about him and the other kids he comes into contact with.

But she just wont give up. My munchkin, yet again, got into some problems the other day and they called and said "we should just move him to the new school now"

"oh, but we don't want him there."

"well, this way we know if its a good fit"

"uh, but there are only two weeks left of school, why move him to a new school now?"

no answer.

does she honestly think I am stupid, because lets face it, once he is moved, then it looks like we agreed to this on his IEP, which we haven't.

Here is the weird thing. The behavioral kids are in the school he is currently in. they usually keep those kids together. And they are calling me up at home to say that they cant handle munchkin. But yet they think its a good idea to send him to another class, pretty much like the school he is currently in, with lower functioning kids. Like that will fix him or something. I have no idea what they are thinking.

I talked to his teacher and the social worker at the school he is in and asked them honestly what they thought, and they both agreed that sending him to that other school would not be a good fit, but everything is 'OFF THE RECORD'....God I hate that.

It's all about money.

So today, guess what he comes home with in his folder? An application for summer camp with the school they want him in....lol.

yet again, does she think I am stupid? If we sign him up for that, then one would assume we agreed to the placement and they can wash their hands of it.

It's this whole passive aggressive thing that she is doing which drives me up the wall the most.

So, I may not be the brightest star in the sky, but I sure am not the dullest. School is almost over. We have letter from his OPT, his psych, and they all say the same thing, that he needs to be in a specific school.

If we have to hire a lawyer, so be it. But we really don't have that kind of money, but we have to do what we have to do.

Oh, one last thing, here in MA. they are suppose to send out his new IEP within two business days...its been three business weeks and we still haven't gotten it yet.

It's not like I want them to send it, the longer they take the better, or I should say, the longer it takes, the more weight we have.

Like I said, I am not that stupid.



  1. Hi John...is there a private school big munchkin can go to? Is he going into High School in Sept?
    Can you call the Department of Education and see if they can guide you in some way...keep making phone calls and something will click...keep us posted...

  2. I think I have to agree with you on your thoughts. If he is higher functioning why does he need to be with lower functioning kids. I understand exactly where your coming from. As this reminds me of my son. If they are not following the IEP and not getting things out promptly I would definately call your States Department of Education. Believe me I had to do that many times. Luckily now I have people who support me and go with me to the IEP meetings. I wish I had them 3 years ago when I was so frustrated. I raised such a ruckus that even the principal went to training over the summer for autism. Your not dumb at all! Stick to your guns! If I can help in any way let me know. I learned alot from my advocate three years ago.