Thursday, June 18, 2009

a new reward

Hi folks,

My blog buddy lola from lolas diner, has presented me with the golden heart award. Lola has a daughter with bi-polar and as a parent with a child with special needs, she understands how diffilcult it can get. Please check out Lola's blog, its a great blog with alot of things to read about. there is always something new to read at lolas diner.

I am awarding this Golden Heart Award to the following people:

1. Dawna at who is raising 5 yr old T-Allen. T-Allen has aspergers.

2. Harold at is a father who is raising his son conor who has autism. If you havn't read this blog, you have no idea of the information you are missing. When I stumbled on this blog, I read his pledge to his son. since then, I visit his blog daily. He wasn't kidding when he made his pledge. His son Conor is an amazing kid. Again, if you wonder about autism or have a child with autism, you can get lots of great information on Harolds blog.

3. Andrea from is raising a son with aspergers. There are allot of spectrum kids out there. Please visit her blog also. Another dedicated parent in trying to help her child anyway possible.

There you go folks. I just like to highlight these parents by the work they do. I have been dealing with my kids and their special needs since they entered into our home and its not easy. The numerous doctor appts, therapy appts, it does take a toll on you.

I wish I could give every parent who is raising a child with special needs an award but I just don't have the time.

I can honestly say, that I learn more from the parents then the 'professionals'. They clearly are more committed to figure out how this all works.

So thank you to all of you, thank you for the time and hard work in advocating for your children and getting them the help they need so the rest of us can have an easier path to follow. God Willing.


  1. Congrats on your award and do your nominees. You know all of you that I read that have children, that are as good as gold and maybe not as perfect as you and I or anyone else so touch me. I'm so thnakful for learning and going through what you go through when you share on your blogs. It brings a warmth to my heart :)

  2. Thanks, John! Congrats on your award and hugs for thinking of me!

  3. Congrast to all you! I agree with you it's the experiences from the parents and individuals that teach you more then the doctors.