Saturday, July 11, 2009

camp is in full swing

well, the good news is, the boys are finally all set for school next year. But I still worry about big munchkin.

He is currently in the camp that his new school runs. He has already been called retard. I realize there is no escaping this, I also realize kids are cruel no mattter what.

But it really just kills me. It breaks my heart. I feel so horrible sending him out in public knowing how cruel the 'public' is. I cant protect him for ever, but at the same time, I feel there has to be something I can do.

the school really is a good school and they dont allow that kind of talk and they did hear it and removed the boy from the group. I guess thats really all they can do.

I looked at my partner last night and said "he really did have a rotten childhood. He cant look back and remember all the crazy and fun things he did as a child."

I know my 'oldest' friend Kathleen comes on my blog now and then and brings back a funny memory for when we were kids. I laugh when I read them and think about all the other crazy things we did.

I dont know if big munchkin will ever have that. LIttle munchkin clearly will have some good memories in spite of the horrible beginnings of his life.

But I don't know about my big munchkin.

As I am typing this, he is drawing at the kitchen table. He finished a drawing and just came to me and said "here, I made this for you"

I praised him then he went back to the table to draw some more.

He just slammed his fists down on the table and crumbled the paper and let out a loud grown. I learned not to respond this. I use to offer help but he would get even madder, so I just let it be.

He gets frustrated over the smallest things.

Anyway, on we go.

Oh, Mitch turned to me last night and said, "well, at least its better then what it could have been"


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  1. I'm sitting here wanting to say something for you, and just don't know what.

    Today we met two of our young neighbours, two boys my son's age. When autism was mentioned, the youngest announced there was an autistic boy in his class and added "he's crazy". His mother sat and said nothing. It was one of those moments that just sinks and sinks and drags you down with it, and hours later still haunts and hurts.

    What can we do, but just keep loving them the best we can? What did your son draw for you btw? (I get a lot of cars)