Sunday, July 12, 2009

Im losing it

my partner is away on business and I'm here alone with the munchkins. Big munchkin is pushing my buttons big time.

Besides all his issues, he is after all, 13. He seems to not want to do anything I ask him to do.

He stinks tonight and he needs to shower, but he was determined to get his stuff animal off the roof. Apparently its his favorite (the damn thing has been up there for about 2 months now)

He gets zeroed in on an idea, and nothing can prevent him for carrying out the task.

Out comes the picnic table, oh not the wooden kind, the glass kind, as he attempts to stand on it to try to get on the roof.

I react to this.

then he gets an old tire, a plastic bin, for lawn chairs to make a 'tower' to get it.

SO, what do I do? do i drag this kid in kicking and screaming with a possible call to the police because he is just so out of control, or do i just let him try?

You know what, i decided to let him do whatever he wants to do. Natural consequences.

I know some parents out there are probably horrified reading this, but as the old saying goes 'not until you walk in my shoes'.

As much as I love my munchkin, there are days that I just don't like him very much.

He has now resorted to cursing at me, refusing to do whatever I ask, and continues to tell me how horrible I am. He has gotten to attacking little munchkin again, which really he can go a little too far with that.

To be honest, we had the police here two weeks ago, he was that 'out of control'

My heart breaks because I feel so helpless, plus I'm not sure how long he can hang on till he ends up in residential again.

He is in the house now, watching cartoons. He never did get the stuffed animal off the roof and didn't break his legs either. I'm not even going to push the shower thing tonight, he will swim in a chlorine pool tomorrow.

Your not going to believe this, he just came over to me and gave me a hug and said he was sorry for being so mean.

Sorry if this post seems so disturbing. I am just in a real depressed mood tonight. Cant wait till Mitch come home. Its bed time in a few minutes and I am in no mood for the fight.

well, wish me goes nothing.


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