Friday, July 17, 2009

I survived

Big munchkin seems to be doing so much better these past few days. Not sure why to be honest. Probably because Mitch is home, he is the stern one of the family and I'm just a softy.

We had our first meeting with his camp, soon to be new school. We are so pleased with them. We will be having family meetings weekly, which I am really excited about it. The clinical director has actually taken on our case herself. YEAAAA!!!!!

She has been laughing at my warped sense of humor, so shes OK in my book. (I'm not that PC, political correct.)

Little munchkin is hating camp. He says its boring. For him, if he is not out doing unstructured play, then its boring. He would be happiest being left alone with a friend, to create, build, and just do what he likes to do.

but what are you gonna do.

well, time to get the munchkins up and get ready for camp. One of the joys of parenting, waking up those little munchkins...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Read your last couple of comments. Sorry to hear you were having such a rough time, but glad to hear you've found a place for Big Munchkin where they will work with him!

    I don't think I'm looking forward to 13. I'm a little scared of 9! Good luck!

  2. Hi John...Hang in there with Big Munchkin..He has to know that no matter what he will not give up on him or leave him...sometimes he might try to push you away to see if you will stick by have to say to matter what you say or do, I will never leave will get easier as he gets older..just give him his space...
    Enjoy every rotten moment of childhood!! It goes by too fast...